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How are business schools tackling the refugee crisis? Désirée van Gorp’s featured in Forbes Magazine

The collaboration of Young & Bold and Movement on the Ground (MOTG) is having a positive impact on the refugee crisis, as explained by Désirée van Gorp (our founder), in a Forbes article by Matt Symonds (co-founder of Fortuna Admissions and contributor of Forbes).

Matt Symonds interviewed a selected group of academics on How are business schools tackling the refugee crisis?

Désirée explained to Matt how after graduation, many social impact projects are lost, and there is where Young & Bold saw an opportunity to have a positive impact, and that is how her initiative to give continuity to having a positive impact after graduation was shaped in to Young & Bold.

“Young & Bold is a community of students and professionals who keep working on these projects impacting society in a positive way, and for the last year the initiative has focused on projects for refugees and collaborated with an organisation called Movement On The Ground (MOTG)”.

We are excited to notice that the work we are doing at Young and Bold is being noticed, and that though our work with MOTG, we are contributing in a positive way to society.

Read the full article here.

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