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Making global value chains sustainable

An article of our founder Prof. Désirée van Gorp was featured in “Trade Development News” on making global value chains sustainable and enhancing the position of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) while making it a shared responsibility. In the article, she elaborates that increasingly so countries’ economies are connected to and dependent on each other. Additionally, she argues that there is a need to recognize that this interconnectedness has strong social and climatic impact further than the financial and economic dimensions. It requires a joint responsibility and action by stakeholders acknowledging the interdependencies between us all. Prof. van Gorp refers to several examples like distribution of vaccines against COVOD-19 and the social and economic impact this will have in the future of both less developed and developed countries. She concludes by proposing that “Global interconnectivity should be taken as a starting point when thinking about sustainable value chains, as opposed to the developed world focusing only on their own sustainability issues” acknowledging that the impact of the economic interdependencies is a shared responsibility. read the full article here

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