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Current projects

Challenge Movement on the Ground 1: Mentoring Program

In this project we are working together with Movement on the Ground, aiming to create a supporting system of mentors and mentees, which connects the members of our group of volunteers, the Bold Brigade, with the residents of refugee camps in Lesvos, Greece. This mentoring network is meant to provide assistance to the residents with their career choices, starting a business, or any area they might need help with, in terms of settling down in the host country.

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TCS Sustainathon Europe 2022

Young and Bold is proud to be a community partner of TCS in organizing the 2022 Sustainathon in Amsterdam. The events, webinars, and the 3 day Hackathon are directed at solving MIMO (Most Ignored, but Most Obvious) Challenges, by developing new innovative solutions to address the challenges of sustainability created by overconsumption and overexploitation.


Challenge Movement on the Ground 2: Movement Academy

Movement Academy is about creating the chance for the residents to acquire certified education while staying in a refugee camp. Within the framework of this project, we are working on putting together a syllabus, getting it accepted by an educational institution, and mobilizing competent volunteers to take on the role of educators, thereby creating a course that residents of refugee camps in Lesvos can participate in.

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Other Projects

Find our past and future projects here: 


Community Service
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